How to Sell Magazine Articles

Laurie is an author, editor and faith-based marketing coach who helps creative people clarify their work and reach niche audiences via print, broadcast, and social media. Laurie is the author of Delight in Your Child's Design and The Power of Parent-Child Play (Tyndale House Publishers), has contributed chapters to nine other books, and has enjoyed 100+ article sales to publications with an average circulation of 300,000 to one million readers. Radio interviews with Laurie on parenting and writing topics have been aired in 48 U.S. states and abroad.

Are you curious about how to write magazine articles, find editors, submit properly, and get paid reasonably?

The following links go to a series of articles posted on my Sell Your Nonfiction blog. This content is based on workshops I’ve taught often over the past few decades in writer’s workshops in various U.S. states.

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NOTE: If you are a beginning writer, it helps to read these posts sequentially.  If you understand how the industry works before sending manuscripts or queries to editors, this will increase your odds of success!

OVERVIEW: Overview: Magazine Writing Basics with a list of upcoming topics.

1. HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS: LESSON 1: “Can you help me understand how the industry works, in a nutshell?”

2. PAYMENT FOR WRITERS: LESSON 2: “How do magazines pay writers for articles and stories?”

3. FINDING/CONTACTING EDITORS: LESSON 3: “How do I find market directories that list magazine titles, editor contact information and editorial needs?”

4. UNDERSTANDING MARKET GUIDE TERMINOLOGY: LESSON 4: “Kill fee and SASE: What do writing market guide terms mean for ME?”

5. WHAT EDITORS WANT AND NEED: LESSON 5: “How do I find online writer’s guidelines, to tell me what magazine editors want and need?”

6. GRAMMAR MISTAKES IN QUERIES: LESSON 6: “What’s the fastest way to get an editor to reject my query?”

7.  SELLING PERSONAL EXPERIENCE STORIES: LESSON 7: ““Is my personal experience story publishable?”

8. MEETING EDITORS (PART 1): LESSON 8: “Can writers meet magazine editors in person? Does it help?” Part 1

9. MEETING EDITORS (PART 2): LESSON 9: “How can writers meet editors in person?” Part II: Conference Connections


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