Hi! I’m Laurie Winslow Sargent, with CrossConnect Media!

Laurie Winslow Sargent, nonfiction author, editor and influencer for Christian writers and other creative individuals.

I’m so glad you stopped by! On this blog, you’ll find tips related to nonfiction writing and promotion for authors and other creative people.

I’ve been involved in the field of Christian publishing for 27 years now, and love passing on much I’ve learned from fellow authors, editors, agents and publicists.

If you’re a nonfiction writer, you may already be familiar with my SellYourNonfiction blog, offering tips on how to sell articles to magazines. Those tips are from workshops I’ve taught to writers over several decades, as I’ve learned from writing for dozens of national magazines.

Some of that content will move here to CrossConnect Media, in addition to tips on writing and marketing nonfiction books. However, here you will also see information about other work I do to serve authors and artists, including editing and publicity.

For example, I enjoy content editing for authors eagerly wanting help polishing their work. Although I charge for that (per page), in the process my goal is always to help writers learn new ways to self-edit so they eventually need me less. I also teach talented young writers of all ages how to self-edit, hoping to nurture their writing skills indefinitely.

I’ve also developed a passion for promoting other people’s creative works. I learned much in the past from marketing my own books by partnering with print and broadcast media publicists assigned to me by my former book publisher, Tyndale. That included how to set up fun bookstore events (including Barnes & Noble) and radio show interviews, nationally and internationally. Since social media has taken off I’ve learned quite a few tricks in that department too.

Those of you following me via @LaurieSargent can see that I LOVE passing on great writing, editing and PR tips. It’s satisfied a natural urge I’ve always had: to help nurture creative people and share great stuff! However, what I share usually comes from my heart. I pretty much have to love things to share them, and be very familiar with the author or artist. But while I’m pretty selective about doing reviews, I try to make up for that by sharing on my blog how you can help promote your own work in positive ways. (Sign up if you don’t want to miss any writing/marketing tips!)

DO let me know, via a comment, if you have a topic you’d love for me to address to help you refine or market your own creative works. Also, on my Services page you will soon find more about what I offer 1:1, and how I charge for those services. If interested, contact me and we can explore whether or not I’m a good fit for your needs.

Write on!


Laurie is an author, editor and faith-based marketing coach who helps creative people clarify their work and reach niche audiences via print, broadcast, and social media. Laurie is the author of Delight in Your Child's Design and The Power of Parent-Child Play (Tyndale House Publishers), has contributed chapters to nine other books, and has enjoyed 100+ article sales to publications with an average circulation of 300,000 to one million readers. Radio interviews with Laurie on parenting and writing topics have been aired in 48 U.S. states and abroad.

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